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Special Notices

Court No 205 will not be sitting on Thursdays until further notice. All matters already fixed on Thursdays wil be mentioned on the next working day.

The Court of Appeal will not function on  5th August 2020 as the required staff is not likely to be at its full strength owing to the elections. The cases fixed for 5th August  2020 will be mentioned on 7th August  and given alternative dates.
The Court of Appeal sessions will be conducted only till half past noon on 6th August 2020.
There will be a vacation court of the Court of Appeal at 10.00 am on 12th August 2020.


By order of the court

Registrar of the court of Appeal

All the cases listed in Court No. 205 for the 4th August 2020 and 5th August 2020, will be mentioned on 26th August 2020
in Court No. 205.

Latest News

All the cases listed in Court No. 205 for 30/07/2020 and 31/07/2020, will be mentioned on 26/08/2020 in Court No. 205

All the cases listed in ,Court No. 107 on 20/07/2020, will be mentioned on 27/07/2020 in Court No. 107

All the cases listed in Court No. 205, will be taken up as follows from 27th July 2020 until further notice.

  1. The cases already fixed on every Tuesdays will be mentioned on next Wednesday.
  2. The cases already fixed on every Thursdays and Fridays will be mentioned on next Monday.


Hon. Justice A.H.M.D Nawaz (P/CA)
Hon. Justice K.K. Wickremasinghe
Hon. Justice A.L.S. Gooneratne
Hon. Justice Janak De Silva
Hon. Justice A.A.U. Wengappuli
Hon. Justice Mahinda Samayawardhena
Hon. Justice Arjuna Obeyesekere
Hon. Justice K. Priyantha Fernando
Hon. Justice N.Bandula Karunarthna
Hon. Justice Dr. Ruwan Fernando
Hon. Justice Devika Abeyratne
Hon. Justice Sobhitha Rajakaruna